Panel radiators

Third-generation radiator

Compared to the first generation to second generation radiator specialists conclude that efforts to achieve greater advantages and disadvantages of not less inconclusive but the sense of human perfection and achieve higher standards in order to achieve peace, as must respond to these not required. the purpose of the walk in the production of third-generation radiator, to meet these needs and improving the quality.

Third-generation radiator panel radiator is known by the name of developed and advanced steel radiators are the first generation with the exception that the flaws are not the first generation.
The advantages of this generation of radiators can be easily cleaned and clean them, beauty and being beautiful, low weight and thermal efficiency, most of the old radiators noted.
The radiator is the floor due to greater thermal efficiency thermal efficiency of about 2100-2200 calories a filling volume of about 5 liters of water, bring. Full compatibility with packages for steel and least amount of water circulating systems installed packages other advantages of the radiator panel. Also priced the product in aluminum radiators another factor is customer choice.