Sterling towel radiators

Sterling towel radiators are made of aluminum chassis parts and pipes of alloy 1050 and 1095 that the head gear alloy extrusion production method and is then hardened for high resistance. All parts of the radiator (chassis and tubes Unlike existing radiators with the same thickness of 2.2 mm., Which is the same thickness as compared to the use of aluminum and high thermal efficiency is at its height. In connection pipes advanced chassis technology fully automatic in the world that is unique in its kind that has been used welding depth from surface to a depth of 3 mm for absorption and after testing the pressure of 30 times the product after manufacture.
In 5 different steps taken washing oxide and then chrome plated to prevent gas production and enhancing resistance to corrosion is used. The method of electrostatic painting of the coatings Esther is to clarify and enhance the resistance against possible rhythms are used.