Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between thermal radiator panels with other players?

Panel radiators are integrated and designed in different sizes and requires no assembly and installation is done it easily. One of the biggest differences with other radiators radiator panel strength and durability is very high because of the high salt deposits in the water radiators Produced alloys and other metals from the sediments have very low strength and will soon be opening.

What is sterling a panel radiator warranty?

According to estimates by experts sterling CE panel radiators and industry organizations, the Union of Europe experts experts minimum lifetime of 10 years each radiator is based on mineral water tariff and this facility is estimated by experts in the radiator, unlike the other Radiators card is unconditional warranty of 10 years

. Is the price or finned radiator panel is more appropriate and economically which is a more cost-effective?

Economically and cost radiator panel radiator fins inexpensive, panel radiators are more suitable in terms of efficiency because two floor and dewatering of higher economic standard of justification.

For calculating thermal capacity and the radiator needed for residential environments mountainous what to do?

In mountain environments for each square meters 150 kcal consider, for example, if you have a room of 16 square meters to 150 4 x 4 x 16 meter area you have a radiator under normal conditions up to 20-15 ° C brings the building structure and heat loss and the double glazing glass is also involved in this industrial environment or office environment should be of higher capacity.

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