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Activities Unit Color

Panel radiators after the preparation and approval of quality control into the paint and to paint 4 stage cleaning process runs.

Panel radiators by conveyor into the cold water chamber and the nozzle In the four high-pressure cold water sprayed on them to clean the radiator.

_Then Radiators into the chamber and liquid phosphate and phosphate are washed and phosphate.

_In Next step for degreasing radiator into the chamber and are removed completely from fat.

_In Final stage radiator panel hot water under high pressure washed and clean.

After cleaning the radiators to dry path drawn by the conveyor. In the next step, given that paint particles with opposite charges are radiators and radiator shell into the chamber that the chemical reaction method are charged cathode and negatively charged particles in this method, the body radiator color to paint a positive charge are Radiators are attracted to the same body. The painting entered the radiator paints No. 9016 as robotic and automatic spraying from four side on the radiator. In the final phase, the paint ovens can be used. Radiator panel into the furnace length of 200 meters to a temperature of 210 ° C linearly increases. After leaving the furnace body temperature radiators linearly reduced at a fixed rate for the next operation (package) is ready.

Activities Unit Color RAL 9016 RAL 9016

1) higher pressure washing process by the respective nozzles 4 phase (hot water - phosphate materials - fatty substances involved - cold water)
2) Use dry kiln now in preparation for painting
3) initiating coverage basic color and initial cooking stage,
4) evolutionary electrostatic coating and baking a robotic device,
5) Automatic packaging.